Hypotheticals. Other’s metas.

inkstranger: I wonder if Thrawn keeps Pryce around because of her many failures. She should have been reprimanded.  Or at least demoted for her various mishaps, especially with the Mon Mothma AND the Kallus fiasco. But she’s still there by Thrawn’s side.   And I wonder that, if going by the speculation that Thrawn is crippling theContinue reading “Hypotheticals. Other’s metas.”

swrpu: Our Small Speculative Predictions for Star Wars Rebels Season 3 After watching the Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Premiere, I have seen a variety of speculations and predictions. That’s great. Star Wars Rebels is a topic to discuss. Here’s ours. After the release of this: Learn more about Lothal’s Imperial Governor Pryce in thisContinue reading