#GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels truisms.

1. We started based on hate toward what we do from “fans” that hurt other #StarWars fans.

2. Our idea started August, 2014 on Facebook’s Star Wars Rebels page, pics abound here and elsewhere.

3. Our lead admin is trained professionally for protests and social justice having served in Amnesty International’s Anti-Apartheid action, Protest against the KKK in Forsyth County, GA, Fight against 1992 LA Riots, Elections of several public servants, boards, community, alike. Fought for Obamacare in 2010.

4. Thrawn chosen based on parameters in 2015 with social media metrics.

5. Set up in 2015 Star Wars Celebration fan table booth. We saw Dave Filoni reviewing our booth.

6. There was a time that we thought we failed based on “news” outlets. Nothing was being shared with us. Everything seems against us. Our petition was closed on us by Change.org. We thought the worse.

7. Star Wars Celebration Europe changed our lives. Very proud of that.

8. It was the hardest thing we have done as fans.

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