The Case of Thrawn: Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels Campaign

What you are seeing in mid-season 3 Star Wars Rebels work, is the case of Grand Admiral Thrawn in television and movies and the culmination of over 3 years of hard work by numerous Star Wars fans.

This campaign was based on being POSITIVE in the fandom. Respect toward Disney Lucasfilm was the utmost necessity. And having fun.

When a fan came forward and bashed Disney for ruining Star Wars, we often said you are entitled to your opinion, but we need someone that can promote the idea of getting a blue guy with red eyes on to the show than saying they suck.

We took a lot from disparate fans on social media.

Now we are seeing bandwagon fans, which is fine, but please have some respect to the fans that got their asses busted and doxxed by haters on social media so that you can reap these bennies. TRY to read a Star Wars EU book on Thrawn, like “Heir to the Empire” since most of his maneuvers are written in that book: http://bit.ly/ThrawnStarWars

What this account is now, is said from the onset, once we got Thrawn in, we will do a bit of roleplay performances in the Star Wars Rebels timeline and write a ton of fanfictions. We do some LIVE tweeting, if we know you, you will get a reply if you do not godmod us. And we have written some fanfics we like to write, @thrawnbine77 is one such fanfic.

Now that you’ve seen Thrawn ripped, which we sorta begged for in our T-shirts, you can rest assured, Lucasfilm listens to us, they just often can’t reply, legally.

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