OOC: Outbound Flight novel is the most similar Thrawn storywise

In SWR Season 3, most of how Thrawn behaved was in Outbound Flight. There were tidbits of The Trilogy especially in “Zero Hour” with the commentary. But his intrinsic battle calculations…Outbound…Especially Zero Hour’s space battle. Some of that did come from Last Command and a Novella.

Anywho, when Bendu told Thrawn his future, Thrawn’s weakness was revealed. IMO, his weakness is his profound loneliness he had for his people, the Chiss since he’s been exiled. Cold embrace sounds like “revenge, a dish best served cold” and Thrawn had “friending problems” – like he wanted friends but couldn’t make any because he’s that geeky alien. Then in time, he made friends, but Imperial friends betray and he HATES the Rebels. But cold embrace and arms sounds like his friends would betray him. Just like Rukh did in the Legend’s Thrawn Trilogy.

As far as Thrawn going crazy or insane. Not sure Lucasfilm will do an “Apocalypse Now” movie type episode. Although that “laid waste” Mando image is indicative of that. Wasting Mandos, again, is lame…they’ve done that already. As a Mando fan it’s old. Can they just bring in the Vong or get to Snoke’s story with Umbarans or fight ThyChani?

New stuff. The Vong would be fun because the Chiss are one of civilizations who fought them and survived. And the Chiss created AlphaRed that is a Vongicide.

Besides SWAG77 has been RPing Vong successfully for 8 years. Our stories are well known.

That’s my personal meta.

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