Shiva’s Last Dance — not my fan art

fuchsmitbrezel: Shiva’s last dance. Thrawn as Shiva, an unnamed yuuzhan vong as Apasmara. The ysalamir on Thrawn’s shoulder is called Peach, because why not. I tried to reference the style of contemporary hinduist religious painting. The wonderfully tacky psychedelic one where the gods smile an archaic smile. -laughs- Hilarious Ours from April, 2016 before weContinue reading “Shiva’s Last Dance — not my fan art”

getthrawnin: A starter flash drabble: In his ready room aboard the ISD Chimaera,Thrawn receives a long range transmission from his homeworld, Csilla in Chiss Space. The hologram sent to him from an unknown ally. He presses a few buttons to watch the hologram from his projector. The Ascendancy Sigil appears for less than 2 seconds,Continue reading