I am curious about one thing, and I don’t ask this with any ill intent behind it. What I want to ask is, if Thrawn were to appear in Rebels, would you expect him to be used in such a way where the Thrawn trilogy could eventually happen? Or do you just want the character and are fine with them changing the story (not sure how, but for discussion’s sake) for him to fit their own needs? I know his story is far off from Rebels’ time, but again, for the sake of the question, how do you feel about it?


That’s a very good question: Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels vs the beloved “Heir to the Empire” THRAWN.

We know if Disney Lucasfilm accepts our pitch, there will be a retroactive continuity or retcon of his story in order for him to appear on screen.

We know that Timothy Zahn signed an agreement that will reflect his work that requires a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Disney.

But we also know this agreement is not written in stone. We know that as Star Wars fans things change to best fit the viability of the show.

Since this show is about the events leading up to “A New Hope” that deals with the Death Star, and how a small “spark” of Rebels can ignite a cause through creative action, then we are asking and pitching WHAT IF THERE WAS AN ART CRITIC LIKE THRAWN IN STAR WARS REBELS and how would the Rebels do with plot twist?

That is our pitch.

Also in any show there has to be added benefits. We think we have a few and are looking for more ideas. One such benefit is art, its appreciation and its critique the way Thrawn would do it. It can teach children about art in new ways, unconsidered. Another benefit is increasing original novel sales. The books maybe read, but not at a level they should be. Reinvigorate those sales and perhaps, Disney Lucasfilm might take notice.

As fans, we have to show Disney Lucasfilm how it fits their bottomline. We are not telling them they must do it, we plan to show them.

This project and campaign will be fun to do. Anything is possible Disney Lucasfilm told us a Star Wars Celebration. As fans, the creators may need help to sway the executives who think Star Wars ended in 1983 at “Return of the Jedi”.

That’s why this campaign seems like a small step. Thank you for your question and MTFBWY. Be sure to listen to our podcast on the subject:




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