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We specifically requested a blue man with red-in-red eyes (Chiss) that was cut with muscles, tall and sexy. We did not want a sloppy villain in appearance. Thrawn is NEVER EVER that in the books, but they could have added a physical flaw. They did with the Inquisitor with jagged teeth. The reason why we wanted it is to cause “moral quandary” – subconsciously, people are less apt to “villainize” someone when they appear “attractive”…even though Thrawn is known to do very bad things. That makes for good storytelling.

Our early art shows Thrawn’s built chest. His uniform is formfitting for his shoulders and biceps. Most fan artist who draw Thrawn shirtless draw him with muscles both in abdomen and biceps and neck. For all purposes, they give Thrawn a very attractive look. That was done on purpose.

That’s why Alex Gutierrez (DEEGOOTS) called what we did as “fan servicing”. Dave Filoni did reach out to fans on this one. It’s been a good choice. They have another novel coming out.

The link was written in 2015.


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