Thrawn: I don’t understand this…politics.
Thrawn: *is universally acknowledged as a master tactician and strategist*
Thrawn: *can analyse a culture based on their art and identify patterns and weaknesses that most people would overlook*
Thrawn: *speaks several languages, often selectively depending on his audience*
Thrawn: *gets away with being ‘eccentric’, unconventional and borderline insulting because lol dumb alien doesn’t understand civilisation*
Thrawn: *casually manipulates at least three factions of Imperial powers into doing what he wants without any of them being the wiser*
Pretty much every Imperial: Ha. Dumb alien. Doesn’t understand politics.
Thrawn: Nope. No idea. Not a clue.
Eli Vanto: *belatedly looks into the camera like he’s in the Office*

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