Why Sabine 4 Mand’alor didn’t happen (yet)


First off, before I give this meta-ish analysis, I’m starting this by saying that Sabine Wren’s brilliance is not to go undermined. This kid literally cracked a several-thousand-year-old mystery on a dare

Although we all see the leader she could be, Sabine doesn’t step up to the plate. She spends most of season 3 and the beginning of season 4 trying to find someone to rule their people. She’s trying to find someone to take the Darksaber from her, to relieve her of its great burden—even though it has called to her. Even though the Darksaber CHOSE. HER. Why? 

“[Neither Sabine or Bo-Katan] thinks they deserve the right to rule. Though for Sabine, I think she has to learn that though what she did was bad, she’s not a bad person. And she can own it. And she can still do what’s right and rise up and have strength and be a leader.” –Dave Filoni

Sabine’s constant attempts to get rid of the Darksaber is only a testament to her self-loathing and faltering self-confidence. Sabine is naturally a bit arrogant, which manifests itself in the odd cocky impulse. And it was in one of these cocky impulses that Sabine rode the waves of her own self-importance, that she designed the Duchess. It was in one of these cocky impulses, that she rebelliously and riotously colored the stolen TIE fighter. That she launched the electric whip at Kanan. That she insisted on taking the Flight Data Recorder. Sabine’s wiring is to be an over-achiever. To go the extra mile. To take it to the next level. She’s a visionary—she sees things for what they could be.

And she never turns down a challenge. 

And it’s this part of our girl that scares her because she sees what her own brilliance could be. And it scares her. Sabine knows what her prodigy mind did, what it created, and she knows that was only a fraction of it. She doesn’t just see herself as a bad person, she sees herself as a security risk. Sabine is a danger—not just to her family or her crew… but to ALL of Mandalore. 

“Yes, the world is a vulnerable place, and yes, we helped make it that way. But we’re also the ones best qualified to defend it.” -Black Widow, Winter Soldier

Sabine needs to realize that, yes, Mandalore has become vulnerable and yes, she helped make it that way. But she’s also the best one qualified to defend it. The ONLY one qualified to defend it. 

But she’s still learning this. I believe it’s part of why Bo-Katan accepted the Darksaber—because Bo-Katan knew Sabine wasn’t ready. Sabine may have found her leader, the one who finally relieved her of her burden. But Bo-Katan found someone too. Bo-Katan found her successor.

Sabine made a mess. She’s going to have to clean it up eventually. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but one day. Sabine found someone to hold her mop at the beginning of season 4. But she’s gonna have to come back by the end of it.

Mandalore won’t clean itself.

-read holo with great interest- You know, there are greater powers that are in force here, right? @specter7-blog

There is a very huge vested interest to keep the Elder House in the Mandalorian sector for an advantage. There are space anomalies there that can be used against huge threats in the Unknown Regions. 

There are also points in space that are…celestial entities that the Mandalorian have never investigated for thousands of years.

The Emperor has his reasons to keep the kind of leadership on Mandalore the way it is. Something to do with no “outsider will ever rule Mandalore” in the manner it was ruled. It’s messy. Specifically for these beings called “Nightsisters”? I’m not sure. But if they’re like the Bendu, it would need to be killed.

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