Protected: Patreon: From Ahsoka Series What is Thrawn Doing Now

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Roleplayers and fanfic writers ship me with whoever. Nevermind the fact that Disney is not into that for Thrawn. It would probably serve them to keep Thrawn ace/aro. Aliens connote an animal and bestiality is a rated XXX rating and grossly illegal. But times have changed. When is the last time an alien has beenContinue reading “Shipping”

Re: Mandalorians

bokatan77: OUT OF CHARACTER:This machine is called a “Force Detector” used by Emperor Palpatine’s Jedi Hunters to find Force Users. There are several instances in the movies and SWEU that there are machines, crystals and organisms that detect Force Users. In the movies, it was through direct blood measurement of MidiChlorians by Jedi. There wasContinue reading “Re: Mandalorians”

Thrawn on Batuu about Din’kartay

Thrawn on Batuu about Din’kartay Fan art by TatianaMilkyWay Thrawn needed provisions from a developed, first world planet different from the isolated planet lost in the Unknown Regions for any sentient society. But not one directly affiliated with the Empire or the rumors he’s heard, First Order. He could procure weaponry, ships and component parts.Continue reading “Thrawn on Batuu about Din’kartay”