A starter flash drabble:

In his ready room aboard the ISD Chimaera,Thrawn receives a long range transmission from his homeworld, Csilla in Chiss Space. The hologram sent to him from an unknown ally. He presses a few buttons to watch the hologram from his projector. The Ascendancy Sigil appears for less than 2 seconds, and then the hologram starts to play. A huge battle between known Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet slagged by acidic lava. Then large bug creatures like Killiks are fired upon with lava from an unknown vector. Large worm beasts bite the hulls of the starships as the Killik hives are ripped by gas plumes. Large tripod creatures spray fire to burn the rising fighters and flying Killiks from the landing pads. Then, the image pans into the heavens and focuses on one monstrous ship. It has 4-5 intercalating white and black stripes as orange cilia that absorbs the atomic missiles into its scaly hull. It nullifies the missile blasts. This beast ship sucks up and eats missiles like a youngling that devours sweets. The Killik fighters are vaporized by some chemical as they choke from some poison. Suddenly, the holocam explodes that causes the hologram to stop playing.

“That’s the planet Catia.” Thrawn mutters from the footage. He sits a long time and reviews the hologram production credits when he decrypts a hidden message from his secret ally. He translates the Cheuhn to Basic.

“The Far-Outsiders call this a Miid Ro-Ik Ship. It is 1700 meters in size and carries a complement of organic tripods and their large worm creatures. The cilia fire lava cannons. It destroyed the city within 15 minutes. Is the Galactic Empire ready?”

Thrawn sits back in thought when he receives a transmission from Grand Moff Tarkin.

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