Yammosk or War Coordinator. They are on all ships of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet and coordinate battle telepathically from the ships engines, to the speed, to the distance and more.

They are beasts like a huge Portuguese Man of War jellyfish encased in a “tank” filled with water. There is a squad of 8 warriors that wrangle the Yammosk to do as it is trained.

The Master Shapers created them to be more streamlined in their battle and sensorineural connections. The are thought to hold “the 8th cortex” to ring close to the Gods.

Because of their strange neural connections, the can break Light Sided Force users to do the bidding of the YVs. It’s called breaking Jedi.

The YVs probably stuck Yammosks on planets the seeded to invade and conquer by slowly coercing people to do their bidding. Force users would be susceptible to this level of influence.

What I’d do to have one of those…

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