OOC: I like performing in RP because it is fun to me.

I happen to work with SWAG77 because it is a “safe space” for me. Our guidelines are here: http://bit.ly/guidelines77

We were told by Lucasfilm to follow strict canon to accomplish goals. Lucasfilm failed us. Therefore as an RP group, we will write and perform how we use to perform 6 years ago, our own story arcs. We will try to stay close to canon, but there will be AU parts that our group will include.

RPing with people I do not know is not fun for me. I do not get to know anyone through RP. The only way you can get to know me as a mundane is on Facebook and in a group, and even then, maybe.

If you choose to RP differently from me that is fine. But you cannot force my muse into your RP despite your story arc or ask. I have tried that and got abused by it so I am not doing. I have that right.

I don’t have to RP to justify my existence as muse. I have enough creative mind as a freedom of expression to write many stories I enjoy. If you are not okay with that, IDC, I’m doing my thing regardless. I do not come on your blog and talk shit and hate, that means you don’t come on mine to do it because you disagree with what it is I am doing. I’m not here for you. My writing is not for you.

I’m just about representing a small story with Thrawn and sharing in the fandom of Thrawn in other media forms, and you can support me or block me. But if you hate me you cannot stop me.

Just how it will be. I will not discuss this further if it is in the negative.

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