OOC: Legends vs Canon

Promise fans, my group is not going to get into this argument with you about Legends vs Canon. To us, if you RP like we do, you need to know both. My group thinks that that kind of fandom is BULLSHIT and do not come on our feeds talking about it.

Basically what we’re saying is:


Now, our plots, story arcs, metas and headcanons will reflect various aspects of Legends and Canon as performed. Such as: Csilla is in Chiss Space and it is a cold planet due to the methane gas – which is REAL SCIENCE we have applied to the concept. We do not care about your precious feelings of one Thrawn versus the other. We aren’t coming on to your blog to discuss it, unless you traipse through ours and act an ass. For that, as hard as we worked to GET THRAWN IN STAR WARS after Disney created “Legends” from the SWEU, despite what you think or fathom about us, our entire amounts of GAF about that is low. We got one character — THRAWN — put back into mainline Disney canon.

We won’t force you to LIKE our blog if you already do not. But do not like our other blogs thinking you’ll change the minds of the managers and mundanes since we are group managed by SWAG77. WE ARE ONE ACCORD…

Go find assholes that fangate and gatekeepers around here telling you whatever that has nothing to do with READING BOOKS and staying stupid, and get your happy rainbow ponyland mentality that hurts fandom in general turning it into a cesspool. In fact, here, with all the hate, I will separate you from your money because HATE = STUPIDITY and buy an Ysalamiri, they’re on sale:


Until you can tell me what  Grishna br’rok ukal-hai hrrl osam’ga akren hu akri vushta  means, and yes, I actually do know what it means, we will never have a full discussion of Legends here… Our first fandom was the Yuuzhan Vong and our RP has been adept on what Lucasfilm wants. They see us.

Our performances are under watch:

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