Species Traitors

Part of a fanfic concept within this blog. What would Thrawn truly think? Would he act with superiority or supremacy?

Aliit Vucon’ocir – The Decadent Chiss

“‘Chiss who are proud of being Chiss mate with Chiss. This is particularly true when you realize that these Decadents who go for xenomania rather than the Chiss culture and promote the nexus of our people link up with the very people who created a catastrophe…'”

“You think you can take Sabine because you want her. You didn’t make her, you didn’t earn her. You don’t even understand her. You don’t deserve her or to have her art.”

In Star Wars Rebels, they said SABINE WREN’s name while she was not in the scene at least 5-6 episodes in the series. No producer or writer would do that unless s/he wanted it to be a point in the story and storytelling in the TV shows or movies.