Roleplayers and fanfic writers ship me with whoever. Nevermind the fact that Disney is not into that for Thrawn. It would probably serve them to keep Thrawn ace/aro. Aliens connote an animal and bestiality is a rated XXX rating and grossly illegal. But times have changed. When is the last time an alien has been seen having passionate sexual reproduction?

It still won’t get #ThrawnInAMovie

What will get him in is ART… keep it like that.

In fact an alien female has a better chance than a dominant type male figure. The battle is an uphill trope one. How much energy would want to expend energy selling a shipping idea versus the virtues of THRAWN to get him into a movie?

As hypocrites, yes, there is a ship we play with but our selling and crossover rates are low. We neither push it on Star Wars fans. But it’s the unlikely one. They stand on opposite sides because the both like art — one to create it, one to critique it. Their opposites are Imperial vs Rebel, and Chiss vs Mandalorian. But their circumstances are similar — both exiled, both strategically sound and both warriors in their culture. We think more binds them than defines.


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