Thrawn In A Movie

There are several speculations about me, #Thrawn in a movie. Unless it does not come from Lucasfilm’s mouth, then you are not in the know—especially when we, of the SWAG77 group busted our asses to get this done. ‬ They just finished the Sequels. They are done with Season 1 of The Mandalorian and thereContinue reading “Thrawn In A Movie”


Roleplayers and fanfic writers ship me with whoever. Nevermind the fact that Disney is not into that for Thrawn. It would probably serve them to keep Thrawn ace/aro. Aliens connote an animal and bestiality is a rated XXX rating and grossly illegal. But times have changed. When is the last time an alien has beenContinue reading “Shipping”

 -chuckles- I guess they found the hologram of what I use to do at the CEDF. While I was military and Chiss Commander, I was aiming to be a Cleric in House Nuruodo. Never thought the Aristocra from  Ruling Family Chaf would want to take down Ruling Family Mitth. We are not a cross sigil.Continue reading