Species Traitors

Is Thrawn A Species Traitor?

Chiss Ascendancy Aristocra Eugenics Pure Supremacy Codes

Those guilty of fraternizing socially or sexually with alien species now stand warned that their identities will be challenged.

The Chiss Ascendancy is in a Second Revolution which will restore complete authority of Chiss blood.

Chiss will be permanently exiled and deported out of the Chaos into Lesser Space.

Chiss who are concupiscent with alien species will be dealt with according to the Chiss Culturally Purity Mandates:

  1. Miscegenation is Treason Against the Chiss Ascendancy;
  2. Treason is a Capital Offense;
  3. It will be punished by Public Flagellation, then Death by Airlock Extrusion from the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet warship.

Chiss-Alien mixed younglings as a result of salacious miscegenation will be apprehended by the Chiss Defense Patrol.

(Flipped comment from this source)

(Another source — WARNING some may find image disturbing)

(Part of a fanfic concept within this blog. What would Thrawn truly think? Would he act with superiority or supremacy? NO! His strong dislike of racism (speciesism) probably another reason why he got exiled. He did not seem utterly depressed from having to go into exile. That story of looking for the Empire is a half-truth. This blog thinks that Thrawn believes that he is on a top secret special operation on his own because his cognitive dissonance will not allow him to believe he was expelled from his people. The 2-3 planets he visited to be picked up, this blog thinks it is a fabrication. But he came stronger than any Chiss can imagine and in our fanfic he happened to fall in love with a human, a non-Chiss, an known enemy of the Chiss Ascendancy — a Mandalorian woman because she is an artist.)

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