SWAG77 Patreon Opinion: Thrawn In Live-Action From July 2020 (Revised April 2021)

Our studies suggest that the Star Wars fictional character, MITTH’RAW’NURUODO or Thrawn or Grand Admiral Thrawn will be in a live-action TV show or movie.

These are our opinions:

Any Asian male actor 5’11” or taller at least 50 years old should audition. THRAWN appears like a “Hindu God.” We think Shiva as the Destroyer is the example. The actor should honor and respect Shiva to avoid cultural mishaps.

In our opinion, fans must learn to accept any actor who plays the THRAWN role. It is the casting directors who make the final decision. But fans should place their reasonable claims early before the role is cast.

The actor must be physically fit with sculpted muscles, especially his biceps, abdomen, and thighs. His character trait is physically fit because THRAWN grew up in the military, and trained in several combat martial art forms.

The actor should do nominal studies in historical military leaders to understand the strategic thinking of THRAWN and add pieces to the performance of this character. THRAWN is calm while he forms his battle plans, combat, and surveying the battlefield. He had been training for most of his life. Star Wars fans say ”Barca” is who THRAWN behaves like the most. Below is a list of suggested military leaders:

Several fans and production crew members think THRAWN behaves like Sherlock Holmes. Reading those books should help in the best portrayal of this character.

Star Wars Thrawn Fan Requests for Consideration:

  • The actor should have read all the THRAWN books: Legends and Disney canon, comic books, reference books — as much as can be studied. The Star Wars fans are tired of actors who say they want to be in Star Wars but fail to read anything about the established characters. For fans, it sucks on social media because we get bullied for hyping the cast, and then the actor spews, “DUH, what’s a lightsaber? PEW PEW PEW!”
  • We Star Wars fans will not accept ignorances for THRAWN. Just have a shortlist of actors who read the THRAWN BOOKS, and let them create hidden social media accounts to ask questions of @ThrawnSWAG77, and SWAG77 fans will do our best to answer. SWAG77 believes in casting directors pick smart actors for business and marketing goals, and the movie storytelling goals. But please, for THRAWN, you can’t have an A-list actor who is clueless about the CHISS. PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT TO FANS!
  • We have quite a bit of data that THRAWN will be a villain. But he needs to be a sex symbol. Fan comments and art of the character and the romantic-fanfiction alone suggests he is handsome for a Cerulean-skin man. THRAWN must be physically fit with a sculpted body.
  • THRAWN’s wardrobe is formal and impeccable for his rank and status. Only in extreme missions does he wear rags. But for the rest of the time, he does not.
  • How will his cerulean complexion be done? Will it be created with the same technology as Cinematic Marvel’s THANOS and HULK? However, if practical effects like prosthesis, blue skin makeup and the use red contacts that cover the entire eye, the eyeball and the sclera, there are serious bodily safety concerns. The THRAWN cosplayers say the entire eye contacts cause blindness for several hours after wearing them for a long time.
  • THRAWN possesses a truly distinctive voice, both in sound and accent. The talented LARS MIKKELSON lends his voice to Star Wars Rebels’ iconic GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN. Voice direction becomes paramount should a younger actor take on the role. THRAWN’s voice emanates a smooth, soft quality, reflective of his sharp intellect, meticulous planning, and strategic prowess. Fans of the character forge a deep connection as they witness his calculated actions unfold. When in command, THRAWN’s voice shifts, attaining a solid and unwavering tone, courtesy of MARC THOMPSON. As a military officer, THRAWN rarely allows others to hear his soft-spoken manner. He treats his commanding officers with utmost respect, while his subordinates dutifully follow his orders. In instances of insubordination, he reveals his vicious and lethal side. When engaging with equally ranked officers, THRAWN carefully listens until they fail to employ sound logic, subsequently exposing their flaws or leaving them to face potential demise, as witnessed in Star Wars Rebels.

  • The actor must appreciate fine art (paintings and sculptures) in human history — mainly paintings. We follow several famous historical artists on our THRAWN Twitter account, like MONET, KLIMT, and KANDINSKY. PICASSO and MIRO and many more. Pre-Raphealites are how THRAWN analyzes art. We deduced that a modified ART DECO form is how most CHISS buildings are made on the homeworld CSILLA. Of course, whatever the production team chooses, but THRAWN is into art. The irony is those Twitter art appreciation accounts handled by art students and art historians know who THRAWN is, exactly. So, rallying up artists into fine art is an untapped market.

  • THRAWN’s interaction with humans causes his appreciation for art to slightly shift and perhaps cause a psychological contagion due to the overt expression of emotions. Chiss are trained to not show overt emotions. THRAWN learns that if he wants acceptance by humans, he has to show some emotion and appreciation, such as dancing —a fan attribute. His appreciation for classical music that is in the book Thrawn Treason. We have identified classical music such as Rachmaninov that we think Thrawn would enjoy. Our meta also listens to Death Metal which gets him slightly intoxicated, and our reasoning is Thrawn has synesthesia that helps him in his art analysis. But when he listens to Death Metal, his synesthesia excites his senses to a delirum that causes him to black out. Chiss rarely faint in his culture and to experience that feeling is jarring for him. But while he is with humans, he experiences this with new found freedoms to discover he enjoys it and wants more. Therefore, the actor should know about art — paintings, music, and know a tiny amount of confounding artform, graffiti. He likes graffiti, and it yields much insight into the location and emotion, yet, the artists are unpredictable. That excites him.

  • Lastly, THRAWN’s emotions — Chiss have an ability not to show emotions (like Vulcans in Star Trek — and the Trekkies will steal THRAWN if we fail to portray him in Star Wars accurately). But THRAWN has issues with his emotions that are “abnormal” for Chiss (an impulsive bent in Outbound Flight). However, his emotions are normal for humans (until he gets furious at Captain Slavin in Star Wars Rebels). Our group posits that it shows the difference where the anger comes from, a blue guy with red eyes versus a man in a machine suit (Vader). When Vader is angry, he uses the Force to choke people and if that target survives, they deserve it. When Thrawn is angry (or emotional), his red eyes light up, and it scares humans from a “blue-skinned man of color” who is an alien in the Empire. We posit THRAWN is acutely aware of his otherness. Humans see him as a threat because of his Cerulean skin complexion. He knows humans do it as a microaggression and he finds it offensive, but he suppresses his rage and does not fall into their trap because he sees most humans as wily assets. When humans use the Force as Jedi do, like Ezra Bridger, the Chiss indoctrinated him to think of Force Powers as a disability. THRAWN knows that Force Powers are not a disability, but when he learns that Chiss Force users are hurt, his behavior changes into rage. Thrawn knows better than to display that kind of behavior publicly. But people are assets to him — like the CHESS pieces on a board. Therefore, an actor who portrays Thrawn can learn these behaviors of this character by reading the current canon books as a reference and incorporated as asked by production.

Of course, these are all opinions for live-action. SWAG77 gets why these actions would change. However, we notice pitfalls in some productions due to the lack of the actor being unfamiliar with the subject matter, such as Benedict Cumberbatch not knowing of the character Thrawn with no desire to being blue. Those of us constantly on social media in the trenches are rooting for Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars success, and we think that one of the best ways to reach it is by actors who understand the basics of the character, especially Thrawn.


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Official Disney Lucasfilm Limited Art by Magali Villenueve

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