Ysalamiri were Force using creatures that create a neutralizing Force bubble where no Force User can exact the Force onto a non-Force sensitive. Grand Admiral THRAWN learned about these creatures that were arboreal and if removed they would die. But THRAWN discovered a way to remove the Ysalamiri from their trees and keep them alive to protectContinue reading

Another way to get involved in the #GetThrawnIn (@ThrawnInRebels) Campaign. Each of these days, well will have an activity and you the fan can participate in each activity. It helps us with our campaign with the metrics we need to prove to Disney Lucasfilm how feasible is this idea is to them. As of rightContinue reading

Our next Get Chiss’d Up is the honorable and great actor, Leonard Nimoy mainly of Star Trek and our partial basis of adding the Chiss aliens back into canon of Star Wars.  Chiss are very logical, but they are also emotional. Some Chiss are less emotional than logical. THRAWN is one of them. Some membersContinue reading