Well let’s not neglect this. Some fan art created by the artists: @pandacapuccino@zyralynn@backtothe80scolors A few manips by my crew. If you dislike them, do not tell me, refer to my crew. And I don’t care about what you think about the SHIP… http://thrawnbine.wordpress.com exists for our fanfics: https://archiveofourown.org/collections/Thrawnbine Fans open to this SHIP are alwaysContinue reading

Too far in that turbolift…

thrawnbine77: Thrawn X Sabine Wren fanfic fan art by @backtothe80scolors More information is here. “Sab’ika, I’m too old for you. I’m your superior.” He stutters through his rationality. “Is-is this what you want? No matter the repercussions? I can’t commit. My allegiance is to the Chiss — err — Empire.” “How about freedom, Grand Admiral?”Continue reading “Too far in that turbolift…”