These creatures you see on our backs are called Ysalamiri. They’re sessile, tree-dwelling creatures from a distant, third-rate planet, and they have an interesting and possibly unique ability- they push back the Force. A single Ysalamiri can occasionally create a bubble as large as ten meters across; a whole group of them reinforcing one anotherContinue reading

2015 Xenocentric Chauvinism

Your xenocentric chauvinism is no concern of mine. I care about performance and results, and your record is exemplary. I do not care about your petty bigotry. Understood? Oh, and Commander, if I ever find out that your bigotry is affecting your performance, I’ll have your carcass ejected with the next garbage load. Captain Thrawn andContinue reading “2015 Xenocentric Chauvinism”

An insight into the mind of Grand Admiral Thrawn

C’baoth: “You doubt the power of the Force, Grand Admiral Thrawn?” Thrawn: “Not at all. I merely present the problems you and the Force will have to solve if you continue with this course of action. For instance, do you know where the Coruscant sector fleet is based, or the number and types of shipsContinue reading “An insight into the mind of Grand Admiral Thrawn”