REAL TALK: While we are fans of THRAWN and he is one of the most famous #StarWars Legends (SWEU) characters…

Our group LOVES the YUUZHAN VONG ( yuuzhanvong77 ) first, and we are intense Yuuzhee roleplayers. We were very good in such a hateful Star Wars fandom toward our favorite character class. We were capable of taking down Sith for the power we wielded. Weak RPers had to metagame us to beat us. And the Sith fans often joined us in the hilarity. 

We made Star Wars Books laugh (x). We talked to the famous actress, Carrie Fisher (x) and upon learning that Dave Filoni considered adding the Yuuzhan Vong to The Clone Wars (x), we refrained from a full campaign to get the Yuuzhiees back into canon. Why? Because we suspect they will be made retconned canon in Episode 7.  

Our basis is this rejected concept art that looks awfully similar to way Yuuzhiees are drawn:


We suspect Supreme Leader Snoke is a retconned form of Yuuzhan Vong Onimi that acquired the Force. He decides to resurrect the “Sith” dark side of the Force with a cursory knowledge of the dark side but unable to wield it to the ruthless nature of Sith of old, and his people are absolutely clueless about any Force use and therefore, reject it. He enables a conduit back to the dark side, where at this time, others in the galaxy are clueless to enact. 

Of course, Lucasfilm is not going to tell us that that is the plot, and when we see The Force Awakens, we can be totally wrong. As Yuuzhan Vong fans we have chosen to relax and wait for the movie. If our predictions are wrong, fine. Life goes on, the Earth will keep spinning. That’s life for our favorite character class in the Star Wars fandom. The true Yuuzhan Vong as characters are Legends, anyway… Lucasfilm might come back to it or not.

Therefore, it was easier to go after THRAWN because this character and the Chiss were more amenable to Star Wars fans than the hideousness of Yuuzhan Vong (though none of us feel that way, but whatever). Reality: To justify adding the Yuuzhan Vong back into canon includes developing a storyline and exposition to their behavior, thoughts, ideas and it would be an uphill battle that SWAG 77 did not feel like fighting with Star Wars fans. It would be too much of a useless headache. So, we chose low hanging fruit, and it is possible with a recent book that our desires to see THRAWN may have come to fruition.

If it is possible by what miniscule amount we did to encourage Lucasfilm to reconsider adding THRAWN and the Chiss back, how much more could we do? It says our method, positive Star Wars fandom works.

If anything, we could re-ignite the Yuuzhan Vong campaign. But it has to be decided how because it would be an entire culture and we know that it would be retconned completely: No one will understand a patheon of 8 gods without concept art, a caste system, the names, the words, the ships, the bizarre tech other than it’s biological (but how does it work?), the modicum of behavior and deference, why would they not know a Yuuzhan Vong wields the Force? Oh by the way, they don’t have the Force – they are absent…(that won’t fly with a movie because it makes no Star Wars sense to most people – illiterate Star Wars fans, it’s too much to think about).  Then there is a huge religiosity context that take reading several books to understand. No casual fan wants to read that much. They want their Star Wars served on a silver lightsaber spoon on a golden platinum plate. All of this has to be retconned. All of it. That’s the practicality of  show business. Make it simple for the emotional response. That’s business. Sorry. That’s the way it works.

THRAWN was much easier. So sorry, call us in SWAG 77 opportunists, but we picked the easier of the two.

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