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MERCH: SW Surfer!Thrawn Wave Chimaera Surfboard Ellipsis – V1 red/blue-graffiti letter magnet.

A redesign of Surfer!Thrawn with a wave pattern with the Chimaera surfboard, in red/blue. Yours is great in summertime fun and helps us bring you better content and fandom.

My Mandalorian Armor

Side Trip by Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole. Art by Chris Trevas

Yes. I forged my Mandalorian Armor when I obtained from Jodo Kast. I created to my own liking. Fixed the blaster scorch marks. I weatherized so that my targets has no idea I am a Chiss. I am not a Mandalorian. But no one on my mission knew it was me.

My group knows that I, Thrawn, obtained the armor from Jodo Kast, who is not Mandalorian. I gave him a better reputation than his bravado. How do I know this? My group, SWAG77, spoke to the author Michael Stackpole on Instagram, recently.

At some point, my group will write a headcanon or fan-fiction.

Thrawn’s RK-3 Blaster: When Did He Get It?

On Instagram, a Grand Admiral Thrawn fan poses a very interesting question from the Legends canon book, The Outbound Flight, see below:

Disney Lucasfilm uses RK-3 blaster pistols for Thrawn as shown in this current canon images. RK-3 blaster pistols were built by a fictional company, Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. weapons for the Imperial Military.

Why is this blaster pistol important for this discussion? What would drive this aspect of Thrawn’s story? Because the RK-3 blaster pistol at this time is stronger than the current Chiss weapons, such as the Charrics.

When did Thrawn get his blaster-pistol? Before he joined the Empire (~11 BBY), or at the time he became a Grand Admiral (~3-4 BBY)?