The source of creativity. The source of ART – Quotes

Often, I am told the source of all art comes from select artists and people. I doubt that. All people can become artists and do well as their respective people support their endeavors. Commentary on art pieces follow suit, and per usual, the esoteric factors of art must be analyze under equipoise with little emotion.Continue reading “The source of creativity. The source of ART – Quotes”

Shiva’s Last Dance — not my fan art

fuchsmitbrezel: Shiva’s last dance. Thrawn as Shiva, an unnamed yuuzhan vong as Apasmara. The ysalamir on Thrawn’s shoulder is called Peach, because why not. I tried to reference the style of contemporary hinduist religious painting. The wonderfully tacky psychedelic one where the gods smile an archaic smile. -laughs- Hilarious Ours from April, 2016 before weContinue reading “Shiva’s Last Dance — not my fan art”