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Species Traitors

Part of a fanfic concept within this blog. What would Thrawn truly think? Would he act with superiority or supremacy?

Star Wars Fans and Production Needs A “Hollywood Royal Family” For A Thrawn Movie

Since the loss of Ms. Carrie Fisher in 2016 who played Princess Leia at its inception. Her family is the consummate “Hollywood Royal Family” associated with the Star Wars franchise. Her famous parents: Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds — both famous actors in the 1950s, help foster Carrie’s breakout role as Princess Leia in StarContinue reading “Star Wars Fans and Production Needs A “Hollywood Royal Family” For A Thrawn Movie”

#StarWars #Thrawn #FanArt by Cala_Zhan

Wherever those space whales took Thrawn and his survivor crew from 3 Star Destroyers with the little twerp with too much Force Powers, Bridger, leads to a discovery requiring the Chiss Ascendency Defense Fleet help.